This section is to show my collection of Mallard related things, thats Mallard the train not Maller the duck.

When i was about 14-15 I went to London’s Kings Cross, my favourite station for train-spotting, Mallard had pulled a train in and was just sitting there, the carrages had already left, as I walked past the train the driver looked out of his window and asked if I would like to go up into the cab, He gave me a helping hand, there were six people in the cab having a cup of tea after their journey into London.

I sat in the drivers seat and they were all as nice as pie, although they wouldn’t let me blow the whistle, before leaving I got the autographs of the driver and the stoker, this experience remains with me and I have since been up to see Mallard at the York Museum several times, about 50 years after seeing Mallard at Kings Cross I sat in the drivers seat in York. A very special occasion, this has encouraged me to collect different Mallard items over the years.

The last visit was the 75th anniversary meeting of six of the A4’s, I took loads of photos but they all have hundreds of people in front of the trains, however, I did buy a little tin of paint from the left-overs of re-painting ‘The Dominion of Canada’ for the meeting.

I’m always on the lookout for different things, I even have a Mallard ‘Shaving Mug’ how can you live without one…..