I’ve taken thousands of photos over the years but can only include a small selection, some will appear in my Meet-up Groups pages, some may even appear twice.

From 1980 to 1996 I used only film, mainly Black and white, having built my own dark-room in my loft then in a spare room when we moved house, then in 1996 I decided to move towards digital and dismantled my dark-room in 1996 and replaced it with a computer and a flat-bed scanner and later a film scanner, I was still using film for a couple of years but now I’d changed to using slide film and scanning the image into the computer.

Now i was able to manipulate the images and created some weird and very colourful work, some printed but some turned into slides, this didn’t go down to well with my camera club, i was pushed sideways and my work, although still photographic was condemned as cheating, gradually digital started to take over the clubs with the older members, of which I was one, were still fighting the digital revolution, pretty soon after I purchased my first digital camera and stopped using film altogether. No more shall I do colour or B & W, all done in the same camera, change the ISO at will, no more expensive film or developing, no messy chemicals, no clearing up when finished for the day and starting again next day, just save – switch computer off then reopen next day.

My photos cover a wide variety of subjects, my main interest has been historic buildings, mainly castles, landscapes and flowers. My gallery shows a selection of my many interests I hope you enjoy looking through them.