For over 30 years I have been interested in photography and for the last few years I have been producing books from my photos, some of the books are one-off holidays books, a record of a particular family holiday, however I have also been working on other projects for the past 3 years and this site is to promote, and sell, the books and other products that come along whilst producing my books. My first book to be published as Pipsimages will be Castles of Wales around September 2013, this book is based on 20 castles in Wales, photographed over several visits to both north and south of the country, it includes some of the big castles and several of the smaller but still interesting castles. Each castle has been researched and an interesting history of each castle has been written by Steve Howe.
I am now, almost ready to publish my next book, Bridges over the River Thames, in the history of the Thames, I have also included some interesting facts and images about the river.

My latest project, only just started, is to photograph all of the ‘UK Seaside Piers‘ as well at taking the photos I am compiling a database of facts about the piers and will include a 360 degree film of most of the piers, not only do you see the photos you can walk along the pier with me.

I also run five photographic Meet-up Groups, based on internet camera clubs, they are a mixture of general photography, fashion/glamour studio work wildlife, landscapes and a general day-out group, with over 250 members in total it makes for an interesting but time consuming hobby, however, I meet lots of interesting people all with the same hobby as mine, some members have also produced their own books, something I try to encourage as much as possible.

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